Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted, is a sub-brand of carefully prepared artisanal pet foods made using only the freshest chef inspired ingredients from Hill's Pet Nutrition. The goal was to bring Crafted to the marketplace for the 'owner knows best' consumer target, responsible for the health of their entire family, including their pet.

The design objective focused on developing a strategic visual language and package design system for an array of pet products. In bringing an artisanal product proposition to life, a gestural treatment of the sub-brand 'Crafted' and 'Small Batch' seal were used to tell a story of balanced authenticity. Informational check boxes work to tastefully educate consumers and beautiful food photography provides the confidence to choose Ideal Balance Crafted over a vast field of competitors.

The result is a new line of pet foods that every pet parent can feel proud to serve. While some specialty pet foods are a safe bet, this new design system is bringing the Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted products and story to consumers who are looking for an even fresher and healthier option. This product launch went on to win a 2015 Pentaward at the London ceremony this year. Click Hill's Ideal Balance to see the entire Hill's Ideal Balance case study.