Hecho En Chicago


The country’s largest importer of Mexican beer knew the time was ripe for a Chicago-style craft beer with a Mexican twist. Legendary chef Rick Bayless thought so, too.

Chicago and Mexico are home to some of the best beers in the world. CIULLA was engaged to develop naming, conceptual packaging, and brand identities for Rick Bayless’ new Mexican-inspired craft beer, made right here in Chicago. Based on extensive research by Constellation Brands, we developed design territories that articulated the brand in a particular way, then developed names and packaging concepts for each one.

We developed dozens of names, focusing on ingredients, Mexican/Chicago culture, the natural world, the Spanish language, or words from indigenous languages of Mexico. Ultimately, we arrived at the name Tocayo, a term of endearment you give to someone who shares your first name. As a name that suggests two great beer cultures coming together with a common purpose, it was a perfect fit. CIULLA then developed new packaging concepts based solely on the Tocayo name.

CIULLA developed many versions of the Tocayo identity, mostly for packaging designs. Ultimately, Constellation chose an identity that was used for the their draft version of Tocayo sold in Rick's Chicago brewery, Cruz Blanca.

Eventually this logo was applied to beer cans, bottles, and shippers as the brand moved to retail, and can now be found all over Chicago.