It's Going To Be A Revolution


Raw Rev Glo™ is a super foods bar that leads the pack. It's made of only the purest ingredients found and is loaded with protein for early morning jogs.


RAW REVOLUTION® is truly a grass roots company. It all began in the home kitchen of Alice Benedetto, where she began making natural snacks for her children. Concerned about the lack of healthy alternative snacks, RAW REVOLUTION® was born in 2004 and the story is just beginning.

All RAW REVOLUTION® bars are made with great sensitivity towards each ingredient selection, excellent taste, and the health/nutritional benefits of the ingredients.


With an eye towards simplicity, balance, ingredient purity and modernity, Raw Rev Glow™ was born. This is truly a superfoods bar that is jam packed with really good stuff. It's high in protein, high in fiber, low in sugar, gluten free and non GMO. Since there was lots to talk about, a clear and concise communication hierarchy was needed. The flavor designator is easy to find and the ingredient imagery is balanced, and iconic.

To further simplify the brands voice, the “Raw Revolution" name was abbreviated to “Raw Rev". The sub-brand “Glo" was created to emotionally convey the feeling the product gives to the consumer.