Slay Your day


Whether you're an athlete, a busy professional, or just enjoy a challenge, fuel your day with DREAMFUEL


DreamFuel, is a brand founded on the idea of making every day count. In today's world we're all looking for ways to better ourselves, make our dreams happen and DreamFuel is the snack that helps you, "Slay Your Day.” That's the DreamFuel mantra three founders from Chicago, including personal trainer, Brett Velon live by. The DreamFuel team wanted to set the bar higher for functional snacks. Whether you're an athlete, former athlete or just enjoy physical and mental challenges, DreamFuel ensures you're providing your body the fuel it needs to perform at the highest level.

Gluten-free, zero-added sugar, no sugar alcohols, high protein, soy free, keto friendly, with the unique added benefit of collagen, the recently upgraded formula and nutrition profile prompted a brand and package overhaul that would communicate quickly and effectively to consumers why this is THE taste-worthy, functional snack bar in an extremely crowded space. CIULLA explored a range of brand identity and package design concepts that reflected the brand mission, and prepared the brand for upward trajectory and distribution. The package would need to connect with the active consumer mindset and immediately communicate the functional benefits of the bar.


The final brand and package is in market and working to command attention, and open new doors. Leveraging inspiration from the world of athletic personal branding, the new brand identity and short-handle 'DF' icon was built for a digitally native consumer who encounters brands online, through social media and quick grab 'n go shopping. The package design reinforces brand attributes and unique selling points in a telegraphic, minimal and contemporary visual language style that resonates with today's consumer need for functional foods. The bar was designed to fit into the athleisure style of today, as people are re-framing wellness and work life balance. DreamFuel packaging and branding fits right into your routine and allows you to the 'Slay the Day', without getting in your way. Whatever your dream, go slay it, with a contemporary, functional ready-to-eat snack.